Feb 16, 2017 3:00 in HSC 4E20

Dr. Ben Thompson

Associate Professor
Department of Optometry and Vision Science
University of Waterloo
"Harnessing brain plasticity to recover vision in adults with amblyopia"



McMaster University is renowned for the creation of innovative teaching systems that accelerate student development. Nowhere is this more evident than in the breakthrough thinking that led to the creation of --
MINDS - the McMaster Integrative Neuroscience Discovery & Study graduate program.

More than 80 faculty members from across the campus have collaborated on the development of McMaster's Neuroscience Graduate Program - a program designed to breakthrough those conventional boundaries that inhibit leading-edge, interdisciplinary research and study.

MINDS program covers the broadest spectrum of neuroscience: cellular and molecular; clinical and health; cognitive; computational; neurotech; and systems and behavioural.

MINDS connects students with an internationally recognized faculty of researchers and scholars, working within a closely knit, resource-rich research environment.

Current research projects within the faculty are aimed at improving human health and discovery in areas such as neural development, behavioural genetics, perception, pain, motor learning, vision, hearing, cancer, Alzheimer's, autism, Parkinson's, depression, dementia, anxiety, and neurotech.

Dr. Kathryn Murphy

Director MiNDS Graduate Program


MiNDS Graduate Program
Still accepting applications for Fall 2017 admissions

Our goal is to attract the brightest graduate minds to the field of neuroscience by providing meaningful research opportunities.

Our students learn in a collaborative resource-rich environment alongside our outstanding group of supervisors.

Read more about the MiNDS program and find out about MiNDS supervisors.

Take a look at the MiNDS Students page to learn more about the interesting research projects our students are doing.

Previous Winners

September - Elyse Rosa & Ritesh Daya
October -Gabriella Mattina & Simon Beshara
November - Jasmine Turna & Calan Savoy
December - Gesine Alders
January -Mary Sourial & Rober Boshra
February -Dr. Gillespie & John Krzeczkowski
 March - Sarra Bahna
April - Lisa Dyce